Knowledge Built


  • 300 CCP students visited the PHS archives between 2017 and 2020
  • 10 different CCP class sections worked with PHS during the BKBB grant
  • 237 CCP students visited PHS during the course of the grant
  • 17 source sets were created by PHS staff in collaboration with CCP professors
  • 11 source sets are on topics in African American History
  • 11 source sets are on topics in American Religious History
  • 72% of BKBB sources are primary sources
  • 47 primary sources from the PHS collection are in the BKBB archive, with more to come
  • 18 secondary sources are in the BKBB archive
  • 3 internships at the PHS archives completed between Spring 2019 and Spring 2020

Student Writing

See excerpts of student essays based on the BKBB source sets, and CCP Professor Dave Prejsnar's annotations on a student essay by former PHS intern Chrisopher Ludd. Read a student Fiction Anthology here.

Project Participant Testimonies

See what CCP professors have to say about their collaboration with PHS. Learn about the BKBB internship program from the interns themselves. Understand how to create source sets from any collection, and how to use them in the classroom

Barriers and Opportunities Identified

Diversity and Inclusion Expert Findings

The BKBB Diversity and Equity Consultant facilitated two end-of-project dialogues in March 2021 to explore challenges and successes of BKBB--with students and project staff. Learn more about those reflections here

Ideas for Future Partnerships

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